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iMali - Digital Account

i.Mali, the new DIGITAL ACCOUNT is already operating at the UEM Campus in Maputo

Today, in Maputo, the new i.Mali DIGITAL ACCOUNT was launched on the UEM Campus.

Developed and tested on the Bank of Mozambique's SandBox by Mozambican Fintech Paytek, i.Mali is a new ecosystem of digital contactless payment services that use QRcode technology and is available for physical stores and e-commerce sites.

By adopting i.Mali Business, a store APP that replaces the POS, the shopkeeper can generate payment QR codes to present to the customer, who through the i.Mali APP reads the QRcode, confirms the value with his PIN and makes the payment in real-time without physical contact with money or other equipment.

In addition to payment in stores, i.Mali allows you to buy mobile airtime, Credelec, pay water bills, TV packages and send and receive money. All operations are carried out in a simple, fast and are totally free for the user. An OpenAPI is also available for partners to be able to generate i.Mali payment QRCode in their billing systems.

According to a survey carried out at the UEM Campus, more than 90% of payments are made with cash, leading to constraints for merchants, both in terms of change as well as closing cash and transporting values ​​for deposit in a bank account.

On the other hand, the current pandemic situation COVID-19 leads to the creation of solutions that reduce the manipulation of physical money and the manipulation of third party equipment as of Automatic Payment Terminals.

The i.Mali digital payment solution works based on the remote reading of a QRCode code, avoiding the manipulation of money and the handling of the merchant's payment terminals, since the user only operates his own mobile phone.

I.Mali, the new DIGITAL ACCOUNT operating on the UEM Campus, becomes a fundamental part of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy defined by the Bank of Mozambique, by boosting the growth in the use of Electronic Payment Systems and the reduction of cash payments.

In the scope of the development and evolution of DIGITAL ACCOUNT i.Mali, it is planned to launch new features such as contactless and virtual Debit Cards, Innovative Savings Plans, Personal Finance Management System and other value-added services. These features, together with those now launched, will make i.Mali the most complete and innovative DIGITAL ACCOUNT operating in Mozambique, with services identical to the digital banks that have been revolutionizing the way we interact with our money.

The launch now made at UEM is part of the i.Mali development program, comprising the second phase of the real pilot started at SandBox. These services, now available in the restricted environment of UEM, will be made available to the general public as soon as the licensing process underway at the Bank of Mozambique is completed.